Professional Awards

Pulsed Power Science and Technology Awards (PPST)

The following awards will be presented at the 2023 Pulsed Power Conference. The awards will be announced by the PPS&T Awards Committee at the bi-annual meeting. Brief descriptions provided below.

The Erwin Marx Award recognizes outstanding contributions to pulsed power technology by an individual over an extended period of time.

The Peter Haas Award recognizes outstanding contributions to pulsed power technology resulting from an individual’s continued effort to develop programs of research, education, and information exchange that are the basis for progress in pulsed power.

The Arthur H. Guenther Award recognizes outstanding students in the field of pulsed power by identifying their unique achievements in the field of pulsed power science, engineering and technology development.

PPST Awards Committee Chair
David Wetz (

More Information about the Erwin Marx, Peter Haas and the Arthur H. Gunther (student) awards can be found here.

NPSS Society Awards

The Magne "Kris" Kristiansen award recognizes individuals for outstanding contributions in experimental nuclear and plasma science with preference given to areas within the broadest scope of plasma sciences.

The NPSS Robert J. Barker Graduate Student award recognizes and enables outstanding graduate students enrolled in an accredited MS or Ph.D. level research program in the field of nuclear and plasma sciences, in pulsed power applications with preference given to medical and environmental applications and to compact pulsed power research and applications.

More Information about the Magne “Kris” Kristiansen award can be found here.

The deadline to submit nominations for all awards is on January 31.

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