Technical Topics

The technical topics covered in this conference include:

  • Pulsed Power Components & High Voltage Insulation
  • Compact Pulsed Power Topologies
  • High Energy Density Physics and Technologies
  • Solid State Pulsed Power Technologies
  • High Voltage Switches
  • High Power Microwaves, RF Sources & Antennas
  • High Power Electronics and Batteries
  • Particle Beam & Accelerator Technologies
  • Industrial and Medical Pulsed Power Applications

If your abstract is not a perfect match for these topics, please chose the topic that fits best. The PPC technical program committee will move abstracts into the appropriate sessions.

If your abstract is related to Fusion, please submit it to the topic High Energy Density Physics and Technologies. If the abstract is intended for the workshop, please include a sentence at the bottom of the abstract that states the following: "We request that the abstract be submitted to the Workshop on Pulsed Power for Fusion Applications."